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Advisory on safety precautions to avoid fire incidents
Following precautions are suggested to avoid fire accidents in your residential areas:-
(i) All rooms in a flat or villa should be properly ventilated. Fire escape route should be known to all.
(ii) Curtains must be kept away from electrical points which can catch fire due to spark in the power points.
(iii) Smoking must be totally avoided within the house. If unavoidable, smoking may be done in the balcony of your house or in any open area without encroaching into the private area of your neighbours.
(iv) Cigarette butts should not be thrown in dust bins, but in ashtrays, properly extinguished. Invariably these all should be flushed with water after crushing them completely.
(v) All inflammable articles should be kept safely away from the kitchen.
(vi) All houses and apartments should always have fire extinguishers. It is incumbent to get it checked annually by the authorities.
(vii) All electrical gadgets like air-conditioners, T.V., heaters, Iron, toaster, washing machines etc should be switched off while going on leave. Plugs must be taken out from the electrical sockets for safety.
03 July 2016
Air India has a rich mix of wide and narrow body aircrafts ranging from Boeing 747, Dreamliners, Airbus 320 to smaller CRJ-700 aircrafts. It has a wide network flying to 31 international and 59 domestic destinations over 4 continents. It connects many more destinations through code-share arrangements with various airlines.
LIC (international) BSC(c) is a subsidiary of LIC of India, a corporation established through an act of Gov. of India. LIC(International) started its activities in Kuwait in the year 1996 through its chief agent M/S.Warba Insurance Co.SAK, later in the year 2006, expanded by opening the marketing office of M/S.Warba Insurance Co.SAK, at Fahaheel.
Jet Airways, is India’s premier international airline and was founded in 1993. Over the years Jet Airways has constantly endeavoured to give the world a world-class airline and has been recognised and honoured constantly for this.
The Oriental Insurance Company Limited is one of the 4 Public Sectors (Government) Insurance Company’s of India, one of the four giants in Insurance World of India. Since, 1947 Oriental is underwriting a large number of risks starting from cattle to space, through its more than 1000 Offices in India.
New India Assurance Co Ltd, is a 100 % Govt of India owned multinational General Insurance Company operating in 27 countries and headquartered at Mumbai, India. Our global business crossed Rs.16000 Cr.
TCIL, a prime engineering and consultancy company, is a wholly owned Government of India Public Sector Enterprise under the administrative control of the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.