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Procedure for an Indian national wish to marry in Kuwait,
under the Foreign Marriage Act, 1969

  1. One of the two individuals intending to marry each other, one
    • Should be an Indian national;
    •  Should be resident of Kuwait.
  2. Both of them are required to submit a “Notice of Intended Marriage” on prescribed form, in person, to the Marriage Officer. 
  3. They are required to bring the following documents with them when they approach the Marriage Officer for submission of “Notice of Intended Marriage”:
    • Original Passport;
    • Copies of the passport and Civil Identity Card;
    • 4 Photographs ( each party); and
    • In case, one of the individual is a national of other country, no objection from his/her Embassy.
  4. Consular fees of KD. 15.500 to be paid at the counter at the time of submission of notice of intended marriage;
  5. To collect a copy of “NOTICE’ from the Embassy for publication in a local newspapers and an Indian newspapers (published from their place of permanent residence) ;
  6. To publish the Notice in the same format in the  newspapers in Kuwait, in India, ( the place of their permanent residence) and in the third country  in case one of the party is a national of another country  (in his/her country of permanent residence), as the case may be;
  7. To submit one copy of the clipping from the newspapers in which the Notice was published, to the Embassy;
  8. To approach the marriage officer, to fix the date and time for the ceremony of the marriage;
  9.  The marriage can be solemnized after 30 days from the date of last publication of the notice in the newspapers;
  10. On the day of the ceremony of marriage, both the individuals are required to present with their passport and three Indian nationals, as witnesses to their marriage, with a copy their passport and civil identity cards;
  11. They are required to submit a prescribed affidavit declaring themselves as free to marry and  a declaration accepting  each other as their spouse;
  12. They are required to pay the consular fee of KD. 13.000
  13. The Marriage Officer after satisfying himself that all the documents are in order will issue a marriage certificate.

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