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Registration of an Indian Association with the Embassy of India, Kuwait
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Association Registration Forms
Form - A Form - B
  1. The association shall submit an application in the prescribed Form ‘A’.

  2. The association shall have a constitution / bye-laws / set of rules and regulations for conduct of its activities, also including its aims and objectives.

  3. The association shall furnish duly completed Form ‘B’. Minimum membership for consideration of registration shall normally be 100 (hundred). Any Indian national of minimum age of 18 years and ordinarily resident of Kuwait would be eligible to be a member.

  4. There should be a provision in the constitution/bye-laws for appointment of office bearers annually / biennially/triennially by a process of elections in the General Body meeting of its members

  5. Only such associations whose objective is cultural / professional/educational/ social/humanitarian / sports promotion, will be registered

  6. The activities of the association shall not be commercial in nature.

  7. The association shall have its own postal address and permanent e-mail I.

  8. The initial period of registration with the Embassy will be three (3) years. Registration is renewable subject to fulfillment of the prevailing general criteria of registration or any other specific condition(s) laid down by the Embassy.

  9. All the documents submitted to the Embassy shall be signed jointly by the President and the General Secretary of the association.

  10. The Embassy shall be duly kept informed on an annual basis about the programmes, functions and activities organized by the association.

  11. The Embassy has the sole discretion to accept/reject an application for registration of an association or to de-register an association registered with it.

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